Online support from others with similar visual challenges is available. A monthly in-person support group is also available to our patients. Our aim: customised visual rehabilitation to reduce the visual and social limitations of the most concern to you.
Vision aids to improve visual function despite limited vision - prescribed according to your visual ability and requirements.
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Advances in optical and electronic visual aids present many options to those with low vision. Variable contrast and magnification available in video magnifiers present socially acceptable and highly effective options in the workplace.
Computer programmes with voice output, variable magnification and text enhancement allow computer access to those with moderate, severe and total visual impairment; to improve quality of life and employment options.
Improved lens design, with integrated LED lighting make magnifiers effective, simple-to-use aids for even those with severe visual impairment.

Specialised German-designed visual aids are available for specific tasks, including watching television, handwork and computer work, previously not possible for those with low vision.
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