Special Interests
Rehabilitation of the partially sighted, management of binocular visual instability in children (and adults) as well as fitting of hard contact lenses for those with keratoconus form an integral part of our practice over and above the general preventative optometric care provided.
Commitment to Excellence
We appreciate being entrusted with the care of your vision and that of your family and assure you that give you all our attention, care, expertise and passion for excellence in return.
Looking forward
We believe in managing and monitoring your vision throughout your life, in order to provide comfortable, clear, binocular vision every step of the way, to preserve your eyesight later in life and manage any visual difficulties that arise, with the utmost care and personal attention to detail.
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Joanne Kalil - Optometrist

B.Optom (R.A.U.)
Post.Grad.Dip.Adv.Clin.Optom. (Melbourne)

St Andrew's House, 52 St Andrew's Drive

(Corner of Broadway, now called Swapo.)

Durban North

+27 (0) 31 563 6994
* Image courtesy of Julbo Frames, France.
Joanne Kalil Optometrists - Durban North